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01. Play nice. This really shouldn't require further elaboration. Bad behavior in game, in OOC, and in chat will not be permitted.

02. Canon is a guide, not a straitjacket. There are big canon issues and little canon issues. The X-Men are mutants. Galactus is a cosmic being that eats planets to survive. These are big canon issues that don't change. Smaller issues that are subject to change would include things like who a character is dating or where they are living at a particular time - as long as we have internal story logic, we'll be happy.

An encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel Universe canon is not a requirement. There are many useful reference sites available on the internet and we have many helpful players willing to answer any questions you might have.

03. There is no limit to how many characters one player can have in the game at a time. However, in order to app a new character, your most recent character must be shown to have at least 5 completed game threads. This is to give the new characters time to be established in game. If you have an urgent reason for the thread requirement to be waived, such as an urgent plot issue, contact the mods and we'll be happy to work with you.

04. NPCs created for this game community are very different from PCs. NPCs, and any connected journals created for those NPCs, belong to the community and should stay with the community, whether the creator does or not. If the creator leaves, the NPCs stay, but the creator will continue to receive credit.

05. PCs are an entirely different matter. If a player leaves the game, we strongly encourage them to write their characters out first. If a player does not do this and leaves a PC with many plots and relationships hanging, the mods reserve the right to gracefully write that character out in a way that is respectful to the character, the player, and the players remaining. (We will not kill your character.)

06. Please remember to add your character tag to posts. You can request to have use either the character's real name or the character's code name as your tag. It is your choice, but please tag all posts involving your character(s).

07. Please be vague regarding siblings in applications for the children of canon characters. Mentioning names is fine only if the siblings are already a part of game canon or Marvel canon. This is to allow other players greater flexibility in creating characters. (You will be given a heads up and an opportunity to comment before a sibling to one of your characters is introduced.)

08. Characters with non-canon parents can have named siblings in their applications.

09. Game-related posts should be posted in [community profile] nextgenerationmarvel. First person, journal entries should be kept to the characters personal journals.

10. If you RP something out in a character journal and want it to be part of canon, you must link to it in a post in game for easy accessibility. Not all players read all the character journals.

12. Any upgrades made to a character during game play (on comm or in personal journals) must be cleared with the mods. This includes powers and equipment.

13. We don't have a minimum posting requirement because some characters (Aunt May, for example) only pop up when they're needed. However, if you agree to participate in a plot, please let the players involved know if you're going to be taking extended time away from the game. Real life always comes first, but as a courtesy to your fellow players, please try to give some notice and plan for how your character will be handled in ongoing plots while you're away.

14. The three day rule. (In relation to Rule # 13). If your character is in a thread and you do not tag in for three consecutive days without notice to the plot admin or the mods, the mods will write around your character to keep the story moving. We understand that emergencies come up and not every hiatus is planned, so an exception will be made the first time, but if this becomes a pattern of behavior that affects the rest of our players, the mods will write out your characters and you will be asked not to join in any more plots until you can be sure you will have the time necessary to participate.

15. Regarding character violence: No maiming or killing without the other player's permission. Ideally, when playing out a fight scene, the players involved will be consulting each other via IM or in DMs or email. Fight fairly as players, even if it's a dirty street fight between characters. Hit and be hit.

16. Let's talk about sex:

  • Consensual - Things leading up to sex, ie kissing, groping, and removing of clothes is fine in comm. Anything else... fade to black or move it to personal journals. A reference to it is fine, like someone waking up next to someone else and mentioning last night's activities. Going into explicit detail is not.

  • Non-consensual - Off comm. Period. A vague reference to something happening in comm is fine, just nothing explicit.

17. Abuse:

  • Physical and mental - Within reason and not over the top. Please check for comfort level in the OOC comm or chat before posting and give the mods a heads up before posting.

  • Child - Extremely vague references only on comm. Anything else, behind a cut in personal journals. Overly explicit posts may be subject to a mod request for editing. Always check with the mods before posting.

18. Age differences in character relationships: 1 - 3 years between the two ages is acceptable for any characters under the age of 18. No characters younger than 14 should be shown having a sexual relationship (extremely vague references to off screen dating may be made, but don't expect the adult population of the game to look fondly on child sex).

19. Other trigger issues (torture, etc) - check with mods before posting

20. Major plots with game-wide implications do need mod approval. Smaller, personal plots do not.


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